Writing Your Expertise Statement

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Branding, Business Advice, Digital Marketing

An expertise statement looks like this:

I want to help [who]

to do [what]

through doing [this], [this], and [this]

It is something every business needs to clarify who they are serving, how they are helping them, and exactly what they are going to do to help them out.  The  more specific you can make the statement, the more valuable it is for the clients.  It is hard to make it specific as a business owner because you fear that you are going to lose clients by narrowing down the playing field, but the more specific you make it, the more likely clients will want to work with you.  If you have a specific expertise statement, it will do half of the selling for you and make your clients trust you and believe in you more. 

Here is an example of a generic expertise statement:

I want to help people to not be hungry by making them food. 

Here is a specific expertise statement:

I want to help the everyday middleclass person

experience pleasure and celebration

by making extravagant and ridiculuously beautiful cupcakes.

Can you see the difference?  Which person do you want to buy from?  Which company do you want to do business with?  Which one will you pay more money for because it is more valuable to you? 

Here are some more example expertise statements:

I help AirBnB owners 

get bookings 

by marketing their homes on instagram, facebook, and tiktok with ads, graphics, and videos


I help geeky web developer guys 

get hot chicks 

by training them to be more confident, giving them texting scripts, and setting up fitness and health systems for them.


I help new entrepreneurs

Earn their first $1000

By making a wordpress website, walking them through creating a brand, and teaching them how to market and do cold emails


I help immigrants

Start their own businesses

By setting up a facebook business page, LLC, business banking account, google business page, business cards, yard signs and car magnets with their logo and information and training them how to post videos on their business page

Do you have an expertise statement, share it below!

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