The Secret To Going From Beginner Business to Six Figures Business

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Business Advice, Lifestyle

Pick one thing to make your business about.  Be known to people for being really good at one thing.  It is confusing them when you paint walls, and make t-shirts with graphic designs, and build websites, and sell baked goods for Christmas, and pet sit.  Pick one thing and let everyone know you are good at it.  Put all of your energy and focus into that one thing for at least one year and see how it grows.  Letting go of all the other “things” will feel painful, it will feel like you are letting go of opportunities, but it is worth it!  After you get your one thing going and are regularly making six figures from it, then….and only then are you allowed to pick up something else.

I have made a list of all the things my mind has to think about and then I want to go through it and order it by priority, and get rid of as much as I possibly can so my business can be successful.

  • Being a mom/going to my kids events/chauffeur/listening/talking/time
  • Working at a web developer job
  • Applying for Web Developer Jobs
  • Eating Healthy/Cooking/Grocery shopping
  • Exercising
  • Cleaning my house
  • My web developer business website (this one)/instagram/facebook
  • My portfolio website (for job interviews)/twitter/linkedIn
  • Kansas City Love website/instagram/facebook
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Making Youtube videos/tiktok videos
  • Dating
  • Dating website/facebook group
  • Being a daughter/sister
  • Spiritual life/church/bible study
  • Learning new things/youtube/reading/writing
  • Etsy digital print store
  • Watching movies/resting
  • Going out and exploring Kansas City for fun, getting outside, being around people, taking trips
  • Friendships
  • TikTok/social media distractions

The devil uses distraction and discouragement to hinder our success.  This article is a war on distraction.  Keep doubling down on the one thing that is working.  You cannot go all the way in if you have too many things.

“he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. ” James 1:8

Not having focus is hurting your business.  Go all in.  Clarity comes from taking action.  Do the thing even when it gets boring because you want financial freedom.  Find out what works and repeat it.

What is the easiest thing for you to focus on for the rest of this year.  What is something you have already earned money with, something that has already worked for you.

Focus. Focus. Focus.


activities block
prioritizing activities
focused activities

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