The C-L-O-S-E-R Sales Technique

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Business Advice, E-commerce, Good Books, Sales

I heard about the CLOSER technique from Alex Hormozi on youtube. Each letter of CLOSER stands for a different action to take when making a sale with a customer.

C is for Clarify

Clarify why they have walked into your store or responded to your ad.  What problem are they trying to solve.  They may say they are just looking, but something brought them to you.  Keep asking questions until you find out what the problem is.  Make sure you are the same page as them for what problem you are trying to solve. 

L is for Label

Label what the problem is.  “Oh, you need help with a website because you do not have much free time”.  This is important because it helps them understand that there is a problem and that a solution will benefit them. 

O is for Overview

Ask them what they have tried to do in the past to fix the problem that did not work.  Then repeat it back to them, so this, this, and this did not work.  Interesting…..

S is for Sell the Vacation

Instead of selling your product…”our website has great accessibility, mobile responsiveness, and fast speed”…sell them the end result that they are looking for.  “Your new website will bring in lots of clients and help your business make lots of money. “

E is for Explain away their concerns

Find out what their concerns are and explain them away. Ask them if they have any concerns, listen to them and tell them how those concerns will go away once they begin using your product.  

R is for Reinforce their decision.  

After they have bought from you, reinforce their decision with a handwritten thank you note, some company swag, or a gift box.  Once when I bought a new air conditioner, the air conditioner businessman sent me a box of chocolates after the sale as a thank you to ensure I would continue business and yearly check-ups with him. This was extremely effective for getting my return business.  

A book that goes much more into detail about using and practicing this sales technique is called The Way of The Wolf: Straight Line Selling: Master the Art of Persuasion, Influence, and Success by Jordan Belfort. 

I am about halfway through the book right now, and have been surprised by how much I underestimated the amount of practice this takes and how much your presence and tone influences the sale as well as your actions and words.   


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