Website Design

My Path To Retirement

My Path To Retirement is a website I designed and helped develop for another web developer.  It helps educate people about different paths they can take to save money for retirement.

My Path To Retirement Website and Cell Phone View

My Path To Retirement is a website educating people on the different ways to save money for retirement.  They came to me with the logo and wanted a vacation theme, so I designed two mockups and we ended up doing a combination of both of the mockups.  I really like how the blues and red look against each other.  It was a fun theme to work with.  The airplane points to the button on the page directing users to be more likely to click it.

Mobile Responsiveness

It was very important to have a mobile responsive for the website, so we made the design work well on iphones and on computer screens.  We also helped organize the articles and created a navigation for the website so it would be simple for users to find what they were looking for.  

My path to retirement website
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