How To Write A Social Media Strategy

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Business Advice, Digital Marketing

  1. Know thy goals, my friend: Define what you want to achieve with your social media presence, like being the coolest brand on the block or getting the most likes in the land.
  2. Target audience, who dis?: Figure out who your ideal customers are, what they’re into, and what makes them tick. This way, you can create content that will have them saying “yassssss!”
  3. Pick the right platform, my dude: Based on your goals and target audience, choose the social media platforms that are perfect for your biz. Don’t just jump on the latest trend because your cousin’s neighbor’s cat is on it.
  4. Calendar, shmalendar: Plan out your content in advance, including a mix of promotional, educational, and entertaining posts that will have your followers laughing and learning at the same time.
  5. Make it look pretty, baby: Make sure your social media profiles have a consistent look and feel, including profile images, headers, and tone of voice that are so aesthetically pleasing, your followers will want to frame them.
  6. Engagement is key, my friend: Respond to comments, answer questions, and actively participate in online conversations like you’re at a virtual party. This will help you build relationships with your followers that are stronger than a bear hug.
  7. Analyze this: Use tools like analytics and reporting to track your progress, see what’s working and what’s not, and make decisions that will have your competitors saying “how did they do that?”
  8. Collaborate, don’t procrastinate: Partner with influencers or other brands to reach new audiences, drive engagement, and increase your exposure. It’s like having a sidekick in your social media adventures.
  9. Stay in the know: Stay informed about the latest trends, algorithms, and best practices in social media, and adjust your strategy as needed. Don’t get left behind like a flip phone.
  10. Be a risk-taker: Social media is constantly evolving, so be open to trying new tactics and adjusting your approach as needed. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things, like posting a dance video in slow-mo.

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